Lately, most of my weekends are spent at wedding ceremonies. At this very moment, I am at the wedding ceremony of my good friend E. Adjei. My fifth wedding in a row. As they enjoy their first public kiss I couldn't help but notice the excitement in the crowd. The cheers and boos all over. It got me to take out my phone and begin to share on some observations I keep making at wedding ceremonies.

Wedding ceremonies in their very nature takes time, planning and lots of resources. A period where most people concentrate a lot of their efforts. I call it the "soul mate" search ,where a man goes searching for a help mate amongst lots of women. To me this is a very laborious task of applying your presentation, organizing and leadership skills and the grace of God to make a choice . One area that Google hasn't succeeded in their search efforts. Nevertheless, day in day out, we witness countless number of people going to the altar. You can choose to look at this from all angles , but what strikes me the most is that, there are still a lot of my friends who are in their prime and yet still not married. This varies from country to country. I don't know about yours but in this particular observation, the country is Ghana and the city is Accra.

As we waited for the "newest" and "freshest" couple of the day to show up, I could see the excitement on the faces of the congregation. Sadly I can't see mine. I could tell there was suspense in the atmosphere.The emcee took the microphone and invited everyone to dance as we waited for the couple. I obeyed, dropped my phone into my pocket and put my dancing shoes into action.

Whilst dancing I couldn't stop thinking about the things I wanted to write. So the question I keep asking is "why are my friends are not getting married"? Even as they grow older. Being single, I can clearly say that the factors and circumstances vary but we have an assurance in the word of God which says, "it is well with our souls."
I can't delve much into explaining what the challenges may be, but for now, the only conclusion I can arrive at is that, there is more to the eye than we can really see and even though we have no idea of how our lives will turn up, we will continue to have hope that "All things shall work together for our good." If you believe that say "Amen"
cedicoin cedicoin
31-35, M
Aug 18, 2014