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I love going topless during the summer when no one is home but me or me and my partner. I would have no problem going topless in public if I had the body figure/waist line to accommodate.
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36-40, F
7 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Good for you trying to improve yourself by getting into better shape but you probably just normal with the general public!

Forget the body concious syndrome and enjoy the freedom, get to a clothes optional or nudist resort if you can. You will enjoy it.

Glad you enjoy being the way you like at home. You don't have to run away with the idea that you can only go topless if you conform to a particular assumption of what men find attractive - it's not all about them.

You would be surprised at how many men love a full figured woman I know I do

no problem with that. if you feel comfortable, thats the main point ...

Don't worry, we have bodies in all shapes and sizes...as long as you are okay with your body, then you are free to show it whenever and however...as long as it's legal to do so!

That is true. However, I am not comfortable with my body yet. I am getting there very slowly with the help of my partner. And I mean SLOWLY.

I am surely hope that you will do when you are are comfortable with it.

I'd sure like to meet a lady like you.