I Love Going Topless At The Beach

I love getting the opportunity to take my bikini top off at the beach!

One holiday when I must have been 12 (i think?) the first time we went to the beach I went topless and then refused to wear a bikini top the rest of the holiday. This included around the pool at the hotel and we went on snorkeling trip.

I don't think you could do that today. I used to not care about who was around but I'm a bit more cautious now since everyone has camera phones.
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Mmm you should start a album of your own ?

Usually at that age your a bit shy about your own body as it begins to change. Were their many other people topless, what country were you vacationing in? You were already an exhibitionist at 12 ? !

I think it's great that you got into this. I hope you get plenty of opportunity to go top-free as ought to be your right. My preference is for clothes optional beaches - and you can guess which option I prefer!

I'm all for women being able to go topless. The best I give you is to go to a clothing optional resort or beach that way you will have no problem at all.

Agree regarding camera phones. My girlfriend went topless and twice guys pulled out their phones and photographed her without permission or even being shy about it.

good for you

On most of the beaches in Europe it´s still possible for Young ladies going topless. Mobils are forbidden there.

More insightful is why do some American / Canadian women prefer to Never go topless in the right adult settling ?

I think it's a bit sad that people would photo you topless. I go nude at the beach if I can.

I've never used this site before but been a "member" for yours so congrats on being the 1st person I've ever replied to. Don't know where you live but in my country (the UK) the are designated topless, naturist beaches where nudity is the de facto norm. You wouldn't get cameras there. I'd love to work up the courage to go to one of them one day xx

If you are ever in Dorset let me know and I'll accompany you to Studland where we can both go naked.