I Love To Go Topless

Everywhere I can, I just hate to wear shirts and whenever I wear one I always just want to rip it off. I went topless for a whole summer one time. It felt amazing to just have my boobs out in the open and feeling the wind hit my boobs and belly. And feel the sunlight on my boobs, I never want to wear a shirt again. So since then, I haven't ever worn a shirt. The closest thing to a shirt that I own is a bikini top(wich I wear when I'm out in public). A bikini top is the only clothing I ever wear from the waist up, nothing else. I go topless on all beaches, even the ones that don't allow it. Sometimes I even go topless in the snow. I love the cold air all over my torso and my boobs and my nipples get so hard. I also am topless whenever I'm at home or at a friends house. I like to be topless all the time and I don't even own any shirts, just some very skimpy bikini tops. More girls should go topless. :)
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I totally agree....my wife is so excited as she shows off herself.

Good plan!

Good for you!!

i enjoy it all the time myself

It is great to see how comfortable you are in your own skin. I like your username. It makes me think of my favorite Kenny Chesney's song titled No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems.

Nice dear.in summer time my wife also don't wear top she is topless whole summer. I appreciate her and every women should go topless because it's very comfortable and lovely decision.

I assume you could do full bikini at the mall in the summer :) I`d go in shirtless just to match :p


thats awesome wish i could see that more at my mall

so you wear your bikini top at the mall then :)

Of course :)

when you went topless for a whole summer did you walk into a mall too :P just topless?

Yeah, but I got kicked out.

If it's your preference to go topless, do it!

when you went topless for an entire summer did u walk into stores topless too hehe


I am pleased that you're living a life that shows that you know how to LIVE.

i agree

good for you, what size are you?

I'm glad to see someone else loves being topless as much as I do!

More ladies should be like you - if it's ok for men to show their nipples so it should be for ladies.

I like it. please add me ashik_rahman69@hotmail.com

If more people had your positive attitude about it, we wouldn't have such a negative cultural attitude about nudity, or such a obsession about it.

You're awesome :)

I don't wear shirts