Since I broke my leg and have to use crutches I found they are so much more comfortable when i've got my top off. SO I just keep a bikini top in my car to put on when i get out of it. Then today i had to put gas in my car. I got to the gas station and found that the bikini top wasn't there. i didn't want to go back home just to get it and there weren't many people around so I thought I would fill my car and go in and pay barefooted with my boobs bare. OMG what an amazing feeling being right in public with my upper body like totally bare!!!
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Would like to see that

damn, what a delight that must have been

It sure was for me lol

I guess you are off the crutches by now but i hope you still like going topless as i would love the chance to participate in more things that give you delight

It is a great feeling to go topless. I hope you can attend International Go Topless Day on August 24, 2014.

I was topless today, does that count? LOL

Yes to a degree, but if you can make every effort to attend one of the cities hosting the International Go Topless Day. I fully support a woman's right to go topless so it is important that you let your voice be heard. If you need a listing go to If you can not attend this Sunday make sure to sign the petition on the website to show your support for women being able to go topless. I'll make sure to keep you in my prayers for your recovery from your broken leg. My advice to you is to take one day at a time. Brendan

Such a wonderful way of living.

I love seeing you topless.... No need for that bikini top :)

I have been hopping around at work topless as well. My bare nipple brushed past the cold metal of a crutch. OMFG!!!

I can see you jumping up from way over here.

And all recorded on the CCTV.

Lucky them :)

I would love to see you topless

I wish I had your courage

It felt unreal!! And it turned me on a bit too :)

I should try something like that! I mean I always thought, "if I were a boy, if never where a shirt" but you made me feel so much better! :)

I've never thought of going out with my bare boobs but since I broke my leg and have to use crutches to get around everywhere it's just easier when there isn;t a top rubbing under my poor armpits

It seems a lot easier :D

It really is! I wish I could go everywhere with my bare boobs while I'm on these things! They are killing me but when I'm barefoot (which is all the time!) and topless (just at home and in the car) it is sooo much better

Yeah! Everyone thinks girls have certain Linus we don't push. But what you're doing, that's incredible!

I know next time I will do it again! I've been just wearing a bikini top since I got my crutches but I'm gonna do more with my **** out :)

That's the way to do it!

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