It happens tomorrow. I go back to work, broken leg, cast, crutches and barefoot. I have to milk cows which means two hours standing on crutches. To make them more comfortable I don;t want anything between my crutches and my skin so I am going to go topless. I will have my overalls tied around my bare waist and my naked upper body covered only by a rubberised apron.
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I bet that was an enjoyable sight!

I'm sure the cows won't mind!

sounds wonderful not the hard work but you going topless while working

How about a pic of your work wear?

Was it a fun experience?

Hell yeah!!!

I can see topless yeah - leg cast NO... even bear feet yeah...

The cast and crutches are a bit of a hassle, but they get me to hop around barefoot with my boobs out!

They be nothing like bouncing boobies....

It's not bad when I'm walking on my crutches, but sometimes it's easier to put the crutches down and hop on my bare foot. That gets my boobs moving

Are you sure i can't help you with the milking later?

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You are a milker? And a topless milker at that? Ii wonder if that help in increasing their production?

the apron was too rough on my bare nipples so I ended up going totally topless

Now that is different! Nice vision.