I love being topless, especially at the laundromat i go to. An older guy runs it, so he doesn't mind. I went in one day wearing a very thin loose fitting tank top and of course no bra. My t*ts were clearly on display. When i saw that he was enjoying the view, i took my top completely off. He loved it! So now every time i go there, i take my top off and then start my laundry
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why should you hide you assets?

Sounds great...add me pls

Fun way to do laundry :D

You might enjoy going to a pool hall at night where there are only men and wearing a little bolero vest and nothing else.

Why Not just do it Naked

does he give you a discount at the laundromat?

Love it

I would do your laundry to have you near me ! Would you plds add me??????

such a good girl

Very hot.

I wish I could see that lol:) more girls should go topless

I wish I could join you I love being topless in public

me too! That's like the only place i can do it around here

Message me I'd love a partner to show my ******* with!!

keep up the greay work while doing laundrey