I have rescently developed an obsession with my breasts and have decided I want to go topless and braless and show my dd's off.

Yesterday my friend and I went to a secluded beach which isnt frequented by a large number of people.

I have been telling him of mg desire to go topless and on the drive there he asked if I plan to go topless to which I responded maybe.

When we got to the beach we realised that only one couple was on the beach and the whole long stretch was basically ours to do whatever we felt.

We ended up walking towards the couple and as we passed we stopped for casual hellos. At this point I noticed that the lady wasnt wearing a bra under her wet tshirt. As soon as we started walking off from the couple and they in the opposite direction my friend loosed my swimsuit top and placed the top under his hat lol. My double ds were then out to say hello to the afternoon sun and everyone else who may pass by and stayed this way for the three hours that we spent on the beach.
The sight of my girls with my small brown stiff nipples made my friend horny and he proceeded to suck my wet salty nipples and rub my **** while we were in the he water. Omg this felt so good in addition to the fact that my breasts bounced and jiggled with every wave that rolled by.

He was like "just the tip. Let me put in just the tip" unfortunately though I was on my period and couldnt have his big thick black **** inside me.

We came out the water at one point and noticed another couple coming on to the beach heading in our direction. This couple was none other than his aunt and her boyfriend who just happened to be my girlfriend's parents! He asked if I wanted my bra back and since I am not ready for someine who knows me as well as my mother very well I put it on quickly and went back into the water before the were near enough to see my perky breasts. As soon as they were gone however I took iy back off and stayed topless until sunset.
Cany wait to do this over again. (Dont tell my boyfriend)
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Women should show off their boobs freely.

Great story! I am hard now! Would love to see those DD's!

Mmmmm....let those beauties hang braless all the time!!!!