Golf Is What I Do..its Who I Am...its What I'm All About.

I love golf so much!...I started playing when i was 25 up untill I was 33 years old. Took time off to drink booze and almost kill myself and started back agian 4 years ago and took it more serious and gave it my best effort. Golf has cured my drinking and got me into the best shape of my life at 40 years old now. Now i will NEVER stop playing unless I die first. while learning to play better, i entered a golf club and feel so much more satisfied competing against other just to show where i stand against other players. Not to think that i am better than others. i struggle all the time. But to see how far i have came since i was laying in a hopsital bed for 5 months straight due to drinking. Golf is the only thing thats keeps me happy now. Being outside for hours pleases me so much an hitting great shots and great putts because my practice has paid off is rewarding. i work part time at a golf course just to play free golf. Its a hard job, but i get my time to play as well. i just hate it when people think playing golf is stupid. that means that i must be stupid too. I can understand all the reason why people dont play. Its just because they gave it a reall try and took the time to actually themselves. i love golf. Its not a sin to play and you feel so much better meeting new people and have the satisfaction of giving your best shot everytime you go to a golf course.
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See my comment but now I am single again I am coming back out on the course. Need time to relax away from work so where better than the 19th hole... sorry that's for after I mean the first 18, Bring it on

sorry things didnt work out for you..being single can suck..playing golf is the best way to get your mind off off of things. good luck and dont spend too much time in the 19th hole..more time on the putting green...LOL!

One day I will return to the course, my clubs were destroyed some while ago by a leaking shed see post "dedicated to golf the story of the cricket bat". Now spend half my life working as a steward or writing my websites

Good for you I mean and best of luck! : )

Awesome I love golf too just no one ever takes me anymore. I never liked it until I started playing and I am hooked! It is definitely a mental game though and I have thrown many a clubs! Food for you for getting yourself together! Beat of luck on your journey!