Dedicated To Golf The Story Of The Cricket Bat

One day I was playing golf on my local course down at The Clowance Country Estate in Cornwall when the PGA pro walked up to me and gave me the best tip of my life.  The story is I am 6 feet 8 tall and my game was suffering when I was playing iron shots as my stance was not right when I bent down to play the chips etc.  The pro came up to me and said give me your club I will extend it for you. We chose the 5 iron as it would probably be the most used club that I used.  He extended the club and immediately my game improved something rotten, I used to hit 100-150 yards with the club now I could hit 200+ yards with it.  Unfortunately the club was destroyed by water damage in my shed but I will always remember the day when I used to wield the "Cricket Bat" as it was affectionately known due to the sheer speed and force it reached when striking the ball.

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Apr 24, 2012