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What's So Great About Beer?

A friend of mine who never drinks recently asked me why I like drinking beers.  An answer came to me that I find rather apt so I'll repeat it.  Having a few beers is like coming home after a long, hard day and finally being able to take off those jeans that have just been too tight all day.

If that doesn't explain it, nothing will!
CatalinaVanilla CatalinaVanilla 26-30, F 7 Responses Feb 18, 2011

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Why stop at the jeans....take off the bra too and let the girls be free!!!

Good analogy.


It's much more comfortable after removing those tight things. Having a beer with good friends can also be very comforting.


It's like Reeses: two great experiences that go great together - bra off and beer in hand! Just only try this at home!

Hey! I've got some beer. I'll be right over! ;-)

I can relate catalina! I felt the same about the stupid bra my mom used to make me wear. I was too young then to have a beer but it sure would have felt right to have one after stripping off my bra at the end of the day.

thank you!

Well said!