If I Can Find It...

My three years in Germany meant a discovery of a real fondness for thier beers.  Just cant seem to find a good selection here in the states.  What I do find is so rediculously overpriced I only get a few on occasion.

Wow do I miss the beer truck!!  Once a week a rack of beer was delivered to our front door


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The beer culture in the USA has become quite fun, with a huge selection of alternatives to meet almost every palate and interest. My son lived in Munich (Munchen) for 3 years. When I visited him there (especially in summer) I developed a taste for a 'Rushian' beer (a Shandy-like blend of lemonade and hefferveisen beer)... so good on a hot day!

Hi! 3 years on Germany! where were you located?

Pilsner Urquell is imported and I am pretty sure it garnered 13 years in a row number one in international tests... I find Stella Autora not bad... For a Canadian... Molson's Bradoor... ummm... That's about it!.. Bill in Va.

I'm in UK and we have a good selection of ale's and bitters,that are as good if not better than any German beers,try Champion by worthington its bottled and exported or my brother swears that the guinness isn't bad but forget the cold beers no taste.

Finding ggod German beer in the States is a challenge because many of the good but smaller breweries don't export to the US. I'm a bit fortunate in that there is a beer store not too far away that goes somewhat beyond Warsteiner and Spaten.

My beer man delivered twice a week.

I've been to germany three times while i was in the army,traveled all over the united states.There is not a good beer here! SORRY!!!!!! life sucks. You think they have any job openings?

Had you tried Warsteiner? It's German, and good!

I have never been to Germany but my parents used to go for Oktoberfest all the time and would bring me shirts and stories about the beer. Maybe you could get the recipe for the beer you miss and start working on making it as a home brew. It would be a delicious hobby.

There was a local brewery not far from where we lived...ha...there was a local brewery near anywhere you lived in Germany...LOL<br />
<br />
Anyway, I havent been able to find that brand here is the states at all....frustrating!