Happy Accident.

I took a year off from brewing beer. Laziness I guess but that meant I had all kinds of grain that I needed to get rid of. Most of it was at least a year or more old. So I used my beer program, threw in the ingredients I had to get rid of and tweaked the recipe so it wouldn't be horrible. I really had no idea how this would turn out. So I brew up the batch, primary for a month and keg it. Carbonated for one week and wow, somehow, by accident, I made beer that tastes like Spaten Optimator. I will enjoy my 2.5 cases of Optimator. Might even share a pint or two with the boss. Cheers
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2 Responses Apr 17, 2012

Glad to hear your receipe turned out well.

Good work. Frankly, brewing my own has always sounded like too much work to me.