Aah, Like I Like My Lovers...

with a hearty flavor, not bitter, weak or artificial.

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4 Responses Mar 11, 2009

You like your lovers cold and wet? <br />
<br />
Sorry, I couldn't resist.<br />
<br />
Erdinger is good, I like Coopers too, most of the German wheat beers, and I like the English bitters. Belgian beers, I can't even spell those. Delicious.

A Canadian is a good lager ... Budweiser has a good taste, even though it's watery ... and it gives me heartburn. Must be the rice hops ...

I love Killians! And a nice tray of fresh Oysters! Yummy! I love Sam Adams and Bass Ale too. Some great, full bodied, hardy drinks!<br />
I also love that wonderful German wheat beer!

If you can get hold of a COOPERS STOUT,Sparkling ale, <br />
<br />
Light ale,Draught! ....Do it! All naturally brewed in South <br />
<br />
Australia and exported around the world!<br />
<br />
..I GUARANTEE YOU will enjoy!!