Trip to San Diego

Just went down to San Diego for the weekend.  Didn't have much time, but did check out a few things!

First, to take home, picked up a bottle of Serpent's Stout (Lost Abbey) and Speedway Stout (Alesmith).  I  didn't realize they sell Serpent's Stout up here in SF now, ah well.

I also made it to the Ballast Point brewery.  Tasted a few things there, brought home a bottle of their Victory at Sea coffee porter.  Had a taster of that, very interesting, you definitely taste the coffee in there.

Finally, figured I'd check out the new Toronado down there.  I  love the one in SF, so was excited to see this one.  Nice location, but I  felt the tap list didn't offer enough local brews (interestingly, they had a lot of bay area beers).  THeir bottle list was pretty impressive though!  Sadly, the place was pretty dead - at one point, I  counted, and there were only 8 people there, counting me . . . the bartender did say they're usually more busy, though!

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8 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Here in my hometown is a Belgiun Restaurant and International Beer Bar...great selection!

Wow, hit up some great places! Went to Toronado, O'Briens . . . loved the beers from Stone and Lost Abbey, amongst others!

May be in San Diego soon, I'll have to check some of these places out!

While I'm a fan of Belhaven Scottish Ale, if I had to choose just one beer to recommend, it would be Pilsner Urquell. There is also a good pils I had in Alberta a few years ago, that I thought was local to the province, but I forgot the name (too many beers, too many years).

I like BASS ALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me My Friend -<br />
You love Beer so much, what is the best beer to drink?<br />
<br />

next time your down in that area <br />
check out Stone Brewery<br />
<br />
and have an Arrogant Bastard ale

I make my own but it is great that we have MICROBREWS 2 have a choice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!