Colorado Breweries...

Probably the best beers I've had, have been from Colorado Breweries... My most favorite were from the Ska Brewing Company and the Silverton Brewery.

I love pale ale... I don't drink much, so the darker stuff tends to be a lil overwhelming for me.

Ska has a great beer called True Blonde Ale. It's sweet, and light. They use local honey in the mix to give it that sweet flavor. It was great!

The Silverton Brewery has some awesome seasonal beers. When I went there, it was around Halloween/Thanksgiving time, and they had a pumpkin ale that was to die for. Light pumpkiny flavor with the wheaty,hoppy flavor MMMMM MMM! 

We visited several other breweries in Colorado. One (in Durango, Co)  that was also a restaurant..had a taste testing menu where you got to chose which beer you wanted to try out. I got the pick 5, and picked out some very interesting flavors. One I remember the most was a greeny, pine flavored beer. It tasted like the mountains I swear! hehe ;]


So, if anyone decided to go to CO, check the Ska and Silverton brewing companies... Awesome, awesome beer!

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It looks so good... oh America is far away but if I ever go there I'll be sure to follow your advice

I like a good beer too, the CO beers haven't impressed me....however....<br />
<br />

i really like pyramid audacious apricot beer. yum yum