Humm, I Have To Admit....

I have to admit, spanking me because I'm bad won't work very well.... That just encourages bad behaviour.

Good girl spankings is definately, the way to go.

But I will take them any way I can get them......
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3 Responses Jul 18, 2011

For some people spanking seems to be a ritualized sex fetish and for others it's merely foreplay or a prelude to 'real' sex. Very few people are willing to admit they need it just for what it is, an adult consensual but not necessarily sexual experience. I would be perfectly happy to give a good one for any of these reasons but think it is important to know which, in order to make the most of it and avoid any conflict of interest. My partner and I both deserve a clear understanding of the reason it is being given, whatever that may be. Some people enjoy the sting and sound of the slap while for others the reward is psychological. 'Punishment' makes them feel loved so they use 'naughty' behavior as a signal that they are in need of 'punishment' or 'correction'. It does not really matter what your particular kink is but it will not work unless you and your partner are both playing the same game by the same rules.

i agree!! however i love to be treated like a naughty girl!!! spank me, hurt me (in a good way ;c)) call me dirty names and talk nasty to me!!! make me ur sub and have me do as you please!

Well I could help you out with that. . I love to have some fun with my sub, drop me a line and we will see where things go.

Hi brokenheartonfire. How do you ask for one or are you on a schedule? And does your partner 'teach you a lesson'. or 'punish' you. Do you have a 'Friday frenzy' or a 'salacious Saturday'? and what happens then? Pleading? Begging? Begging for MORE or begging for MERCY? Are you allowed to talk at all during spankings and does it go beyond 'yes sir', 'no sir'? Does your partner's language go beyond 'abuse'? How do you address your master 'Sir'? or 'Ma'am'? Is the gender of your dom important as long as they smack your bottom and call you dirty names? A trollop living with me would get a good 'looking after' at least once a week and more frequently than that if the **** talks back, is cheeky or defiant. Do you enjoy the sting and sound of the slap? And how important is the language of your abuser? I do enjoy a good slap- up but I am inclined to refer to the ***** in impersonal generic terms such as *****. I would keep my tart topless around the house most of the time and abuse would include *** slapping and nipple squeezing. At weekend your bottom would be on display most of the time so that I could smack it on impulse as often as I felt like it. You would not utter a single word of complaint unless you wanted another one. 'Thank you sir' is a suitable reply.

I agree Gem1967. Good ones are the way to go.