Good Girl, Bad Girl... Eh...

Even though it makes me feel incredibly naughty to post this (!) I don't get the people who want to be spanked because they "did something bad" or they were a "bad boy/girl." Don't get me wrong, now~ I have nothing against those that do. To each their own! But it makes no sense to me. I like it, so he does it. Simple as that!

It may have something to do with the fact that I have physical conditions that cause intercourse to be painful. After about a decade of dealing with it, I realized that I had to learn to enjoy pain at least a little bit. But spanking is a different kind of pain, to me. It drives me wild and gets me going! :) He was a little surprised at first, but now he knows what it does to me so he gets in at least a few good ones on me every time we have sex. Our sex life is the best it's ever been!

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2 Responses Apr 5, 2012

Thanks for sharing! Nice to hear u enjoy a good spanking n it gets u going :) Spnkbooty !

Oooooh, you surprise me. Good story.

You're welcome. I'm impressed