I Give A Good Spanking

Across my Knee , My Left arm holding you firmly in place , A light coat of oil massaged into those naked cheeks The sheen begs for attention
My hands are large and calloused Big working Man Hands ..You know its coming but when ?
Hard SMACK echos in the room as the print of my hand welts , bright red contrast of the milky white flesh.. I rub softly gently relaxing you
letting my fat fingers linger between almost touching ***** , then quick and hard SMACK Smack . the Oil creates a nice sting ...
I continue till your sobs and tears Beg me to stop ..Want me to stop ..
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4 Responses May 7, 2012

I want to see your pictures.

Good. I'm about to take a look. Hopefully won't be disappointed. :)

mmm...can't wait for that smack. love it

The only problem is i dont cry from a O.T.K LOL.not even from a cane,rattan so what will you do now?

Lol... noooo! Don't stop! We all need to hear more I think :o)