I Will Teach You Not To Be Bratty

Here is ecaxtly how i feel.not a story to get you wet, just me. With that crap of being angry someone licked me on my neck to then not carring.im sick of that i dont treat you like that.I'mgoing to pin both ur arms behind your back and bend you over my couch.i'm going to spank your *** with my free hand.. this isnt going to be gental either.i never tell you that you dont matter or act like that.first over your pants. Then i would tear them off you,panties to. **** you are wet......of course sure why not your *** is red and your ***** is wet.You're getign off on this aren't you.Im gonna teach you to behave.im gonna smack your little *** some more. I see u dripping on ur legs.fine you want to get ******.I'll show how it is to get really ******.not that oh darling "love me' gay ****.Im gonna **** your tight little ***** till it is a sloppy wet ****.you will take it and my ***.you will never play that game with me again cause you are gonna *** all over my ****.even if it to big for that little hole.I own you. you pull that **** again and i might just **** your ***.so dont do it.
mikeylikesit1 mikeylikesit1
36-40, M
1 Response May 21, 2012

Mmmm..bad babygirl ,like me.

careful, yu might get more than you think. I'll stuff your face ina girls ***** while I **** your *** if you keep it up