I'm Not A Naughty Girl

Hi, my boss likes to put me over his knee and spank me...I felt ashamed and embarrassed at first, but it turns him on soooo much...and it doesn't hurt just stings a little....gives him a large ***** though,lol...that's another story tho...Huggles,Suzette
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I am an English teacher in France and often spank my female students. They are all adults (I teach businesspeople) but it's amazingly easy to treat them like naughty girls...

my boss has spanked me for breaking one of the golden rules at the ranch where I work for him. It was a Friday afternoon I had gone to the mall about 20 miles away from the ranch to window shop and maybe meet someone new. Well I lost track of time and I found I was going to be late getting back to feed the horse's. I take care of 10 and others must pick-up when someone misses or is sick. I drove back like a crazy person also got a speeding ticket in the ranch's truck. I was late and I was comfronted as soon as I returned. My roommate told me that our boss will meet up with me after the morning feeding. I had knots just thinking about it. After the morning work was over about 10:30am I heard my name called. I went to the ranch office. He was sitting behind the desk he ask me what happen! I told him I lost track of time. He asked me what should happen? Should he fire me? I said please no He then told me he thinks a spanking will help me! I also then told him I had gotten a speeding ticket. He told me to remove my shorts and panties he came around the desk with a large round paddle with holes in it. He sat down on a bench and I went over his lap. He told me if I reached back to block any swat he would stop and start over from 1. I reached out to hold on to the seat and tried to relax when I felt it start OMG WOW it stang like 100 bees sting me.
I started to feel my eyes get full of water I started to cry and plead for him to stop just with-in 10 swats. He spanked me 50 times changing each cheek it was like I was 5 again. I was crying big time but at the same time I was wet and horny my nipples were hard. He had me stand in the corner until I calmed down and had stopped crying. He then rubbed oil on my butt and the back of my legs. He also told me to send him a email later that day about what I was feeling and if I learned from it. I went back to my room/apartment and my roommate held me until I fell asleep. That was the 1st of a few more I have gotten from him.

Were those addl spankin's from ur boss just due to things carelessly committed or omitted--
Or did you somewhat set them up them to get ur naked buns back over his lap and feel your button rub on his thigh?

I would love to hear the other story. I envision a good looking submissive woman (you) getting a spanking and something else? by your boss. Way cool. I'm a business owner and I'd wish I had an employee like you!

spank or be spanked ?