Why Girls Like Spanking! =o

Well it's sorta hard to explain its like asking a guy why he likes too look at a girls @$$ they don't know they just do. I think girls like being spanked though because and if you agree just say yeah or Hellll no in the comments but I like the idea of a strong man throwing me down over his knee or the bed and over powering me I guess. I was only spanked by my mom and my friends hit my @$$ passing by in the halls but not ever a man until I asked my boyfriend to spank me. He was hesitant but did it anyways. That was by far the best spanking I ever had pain, and horny wise. It burned kinda bad but hey I was wet afterwards. So if you want a strait answer boys it's that women like to know they have a strong man on their hands. Atleast that's what I think. Luv y'all hope to hear your responses and I might share some stories if you guys are up for it. Later =)
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I think a lot more ladies enjoy spanking than would ever admit to it.

I luv a good spanking and rubbing in between.

Thanks for that. <br />
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I've been wondering what my partner is on about. But she likes being spanked and she surely does like being led, and this fits with that.

How about "Oh HELL YEAH."

this one is always ready and willing for a spanking.

Guess u get alot of spankings there stacey!U must be a woman that enjoys getting spanked alot right? spnkbooty

I"ll wager you have a cute hynie, worth admiring! I'm almost
77 yrs.old, in good shape, and still have a few young adult
females who drop by for a long bare licking from my BELT(neices&amp;grandaughters,some of whom I've been spanking
for decades, and they always insist on the belt though they know I can't help but get carried away and whip them each a
whole lot harder and longer than they want or expect it). But
they keep coming back, sometimes more than once a week,
when stressed out. They say "nothin' works like a whippin' from Grampa or Uncle Pete, a really, really sore bottom helps me get thru the week. Last month one of their Moms stopped
by alone, very sexy at 43 and hardly wearing any clothes at all;
(bra-less 40Ds and no pants or panties, just a short, see-thru
sarong and the only words spoken 'til the end was when she
said, pouting adoreably" Can I pretend and call you Grampa?
I've been very, very naughty and an outright bad,bad girl, and
I think many long, severe punishments bent over are my only
salvation. Will you try REAL HARD to save my very sorry ***,
Grampa? I'll come as many times a week or day, even, as you
order me to; do you still like to use the BELT? I hope so, I've
been fantasizing about you whipping me all over your house
and on every single inch of my naked body, especially my perfect breasts, I dream of you lashing my ******* 'til they're
crimson red!! SAVE ME NOW, GRAMPS!! She made some excuse to family and remained with me, often bound and gagged when visitors came, and I really let myself get too far
carried away esp. spending hour on hour on hour whipping
that gorgeous *** and those amazing breasts( which she actually started to really enjoy, even look forward to). When
she went home she was a "nice good girl", but she still comes
by for what she says "my hynie needs a tune-up" at least 2-3
times a week, and her 'special sessions' now include a series
of large anal plugs in ever increasing sizes, which she loves, &amp;
her new thing,which I'm learning to administer: nipple, deep
I'm getting pretty good at this, maybe I try it out on the other
girls, ya' know, once I have them tied up anyway. What a big
surprise(shock haha) that'll be. whadaya think?

Would love to hear your stories. Keep them coming. I am sure you have received a spanking or two. Tell us about them. Please add me as a friend.