A Perfect, Supportive Wife...

He walks up and pins me to the counter in the kitchen. He kisses that spot behind my ear that drives me insane. "Thank you for being you, my perfect, supportive wife." I turn and wrap my arms around him. I know he's reached a goal which he thought was unobtainable. He has tears in his eyes and crushes me to him. "You have no idea how much you mean to me. It's because of you and all you do for us that I got here." I kiss him with my entire soul, run my hands up his chest and around his neck to deepen the kiss. But he pulls away.

"Put the kids to bed and be prepared in 15 minutes. You'rer going to get a spanking to keep you satisfied for the next six weeks." When I didn't move fast enough to do what he said, he gave me the Dom look that immediately made my heart skip a beat and my panties wet. The he lifted his eyebrow and I ran out of the kitchen to do what I was told.

He walked in our bedroom and closed and locked the bedroom door. I was positioned just how he likes, completely naked and on all fours in the middle of our bed. He grabbed my ankles and pulled me off the edge of the bed. He pulled off his belt and I turned to look at him. I turned and looked at him, still fully dressed. "Aren't you going to undress?" I ask. "Nope, this is just for you. Afterward you can wash me and then please me." he knows I can't resist it when he's in full Dom mode.

He started with his hand. Smack, rub, smack, smack, rub. Then it got more intense. The sting of his hand was almost too much, then he would rub me and soothe the sting. When my butt was bright red and hot, he grabbed his belt. The first swat was torture, then his tongue was there, going over the line the belt left behind. Over and over this happened. I was squirming and soaking wet. I was begging him for his touch, I was so close from the spanking, all I needed was...anything he would give me. He knew this and just kept rubbing my butt, avoiding where I needed his touch. Then his tongue slipped between my lips to my **** and I exploded.

It was the best spanking I've ever had. Don't worry. I was his perfect, supportive wife and did exactly what he said I would do. :-)
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