Vitamin Log?

Most of us take Vitamins in one form or another. Being a former drunk/ substance abuser old habits die hard and more always looks better.

I take a multivitamin each day....And energy booster when I wake...My niece gave me some Bee product that is supposed to have everything you need in it . I bought the Nutrabullet recently also.

These things are all good I think but I am overweight also and pre-diabetic according to my doctors and now I worry about my eyes also. I been reading about that also and too mush zinc could be as bad as to little. and I guess the same with Vitamin A.

I need to find some sort of a log that I can take all my various supplements out and add up all the various amounts of every vitamin. Just in case, I have began to cut my multivitamin in half each day.

I'd appreciate any feedback as long as it doesn't with Promotional material.
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1 Response Feb 5, 2013

Sorry I didn't mean to post this here on the thread. I thought I was starting a new composition.