This Evening ...

I took these photos this evening when I was out walking my dog.  The evening air was cool and there were a lot of small moths and midges buzzing around.  The grass has grown to around 8 inches in height since it had its recent cut.  The fields were recently cut by the local farmer and it has grown very quickly and is now lush and thick and there are a lot of wildflowers growing all over.  I posted a separate blog with some photos I found showing examples of some of the flowers I discovered this evening. 

The holy mountain of Croagh Patrick is directly across the fields from where I live and this evening it had a halo of cloud and was very beautiful.  The light wasn't good enough for me to pick it out with my camera which doesn't always pick up images in difficult conditions but the sunset pictures came out quite well I think. 

It was the sort of evening you want to preserve forever in your memory.  Peaceful, serene and a sky full of colour and fabulous light.
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Thanks for commenting Superman. These pictures were taken just across the road from where I'm living now.

Thanks Vignette, it was a beautiful evening.

thank you ironman.

thank you msshelley ... that's very sweet of you to say.

Thank you cabman ... they were taken with my 2 mega pixel phone ... so not the best quality ... but nice enough to show the colours.

Thanks liz and m2bf. Children rarely retain these images but I like to think that they remain somewhere in the background of their memories, helping them to recognise simple beauty when they meet it again.

Lovely sunset. My daughter and I were able to spend the last 3 years casually enjoying almost every sunrise and during that time shared the most beautiful sunrise I've ever seen. Poor little girl was only about 11 years old, so while she was amazed and delighted the vision has already faded in her mind.

glad to share AAL, and happy you enjoyed it.

haha ... a good pint of Guinness always goes down well!

and a pint of guiness,would not go astray

they would be welcome ... it's been a beautiful evening.

the land,and the little folk,are calling us

bridgett and tuan are crying,we want to come home