Cayucos & Mt. Shasta City In California.

I've been blessed to live in both of these towns. Cayucos is still a sleepy little beach town, exactly
 half way between LA and San Francisco on Highway 1.  I worked for a restaurant owner who built a bar addition on top of his restaurant called "Schooner's Wharf".  It was called, of course, the Crow's Nest.  The sunsets were as delicious as the margaritas we drank after work watcing the sun go down. On perfect days, when the Pacific was flat and glassy, we bore witness to the "Green Fire", a flash of emerald that occurs when the sun finally sinks over the horizon of the oceans blue waters.

Mt. Shasta Cuty, at the base of it's namesake, and the valley that Interstate 5 runs through on the mountains western side afford some of the most spectacular sunsets I've ever seen. There's at least 4 or 5 mountain ranges depending on where your at, and sometimes these huge ellipitical cloud formations (the scientific name escapes me presently) will gradually move into place around the tops of Mt. Shasta and it's little Sis "Shastina" offering a magical view.  (Of course the clouds cloak the Pleadian alien spacecraft as they change their vibrational frequencies so they can enter the mountain)  There is a very difficult book to get called "Celestial Raise" that has some stunning pics of Mt. Shasta.  I believe, however, that 24 hours a day one can still access "the Mt. Shasta Cam" from your browser. Check it out at sunset if you don't believe me.. or I guess if you do, as well.

A side note.  There's a city park at the base of the mountain in town where one can drink from the springwaters emerging there.  That runoff from the mountain turns into a little river some might be familiar with. The Sacramento that is the heartblood of California.
johnnybliss johnnybliss
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Aug 8, 2010