The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen was in Hawaii as it set behind the beautiful ocean of purple.  It was magnificent and I hope to see another there soon.

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Awww thanks love. You are a very special young lady. Thanks for always thinking of me.

Hello sweetheart,<br />
<br />
I havent been on here for awhile but you were the first person i thought of when i signed on. Your spirit does that to us lol. I have missed you.<br />
I hope you are doing well I am doing amazing now and alot was thanks to you caring to just talk to me during some crazy times. You are as far as im concerned the true EP SPIRIT and we all love you and your genuine kind heart. hugs darlin


It was so beautiful. I had to cancel my trip for this year but planning to go next year possibly.

Now, sounds like a perfect time for me lol. You set the plans and lead me away :)

Well when would you like to go?

wow, so when can we go lol

Oh yes, and beautiful Polynesian women.

I can imagine they are quite tan and tone hard bodies lol

Oh yes, and lots of hot looking men.

you are lucky I really hope to see the most beautiful places on earth someday. It sounds like an amazing place just for the sunsets alone.

I used to travel to Hawaii every other year, and I hope to do so again soon. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I have seen beautiful sunsets in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, and Florida too. There is so much beauty in life. Thanks y'all for your comments.

Ironically you should mention that my avitar is from hawaii as well as I have a dream of seeing one in person someday.

Like those ones myself.

oh that doe sund beautiful!