Comming Full Circle

Most people have a type of music that they can loose themselve's in and I am one of those. I was raised in an old fashined Pentecostal home. You might hear some country music but it was mostly Southern Gospel. Like most kid;s growing I started listening to rock and roll as I got older, I joined the service at 17 and most people in there listened to country, I guess because it reminded them of home. Later I came back to my sourthern gospel root's and have stayed there.

I started young learning the group's as back then once or twice a year they had big concert's at local high school's. My mother alway's sold ticket's for these concert's and for every ten ticket's she sold she got a free album of her choice from any group that was there. Momma had a big record collection. One of the first group's I heard was Thr Happy Goodman's and they were my life long favorite. Vestal could sing like nobody I had ever heard and I loved to hear her sing God Walkes The Dark Hill's. Howard could really do a great job with The Lighthouse. Rusty wrote some of the best song's I have ever heard, The Greatest Love Story and A Small Lonely Hill along with many other's. But there were many many other great one's also. Dotti Rambo, Jake Hess, George Younce,JD Sumner, and Glen Payne along with many other great singer's. Today Rusty Goodman's daughter Tonya sing's his song Look For Me For I will Be There Too and I could listen to her sing it over and over.

Though I got away from my gospel music, I came home to it. Thank's to Bill Gaither and along with what I already had I have a good collection. I can put on an album or cd and just get lost listening to his word in song. It calm's me right down and I can feel him here with me. I have speny hour's pulling it up on yuoTube as there are some great one's on there. I started with gospel music and made a complete circle back to it. This time I think I will stay right where I am at, the music is great. Oh if you like gospel and some of the older group's then keep an eye out in place's like Goodwill, salvation army and place's like that. I find some album's here and there for fifty cent's apiece..
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Thank You cheryl56. I love my southern gospel. Vestal was my first love and stay there until her death. I love God Walk's The Dark Hill's. Dotti Rambo was another great one. I am alway's adding to my collection. Yard sale's and thrift shop's are great place's to find old album's for 25 or 50 cent's apiece. My southern gospel is my haven of rest. Thank's again.