Goth Is So Much More Than A Trend!

It's a way of life. It's beauty, seduction, freedom, expression. I love collecting pics of Gothic architecture and I hope to someday photograph the legendary Gothic cathedrals all over Europe myself. Gothic attire is so seductive and stylish! I’m not a Goth myself, but at times I’m told I should be! I wear black, purple and red often. I love dressing up, painting my nails (in my three favourite colours and sometimes pink too), wearing heavy eye make up, black boots and various black stockings. I own corsets, fingerless gloves, suspenders, spiked leather collars and wristbands, skull chains and earrings, gothic rings, a long black coat and long black gothic skirts. I’m always prepared for a costume party because of all the accessories (including various “masquerade ball” type masks) I have at hand. I love Gothic novels, art and films too.



Dariah Dariah
22-25, F
5 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Goth is sexy

Goth is a way of life worth living. People who ludge and lable others are just ignorant and don't realize the true value in life of just being yourself. They keep themselves boxed up and rip on people who express themselves because unconsiously they are jealous that they can't do that to. Those sort of people need to gain some self confidence and do what they want not what others want them to do. I respect your wish to prove what you want to do. you go girl.

you would love the club scene here in vancouver goth night and fetish night are really popular and any free spirit is welcomed and can be themselves freely with no fear of backlash.the hardest thing in this world is to be yourself.Told my kids that all the time as they grew up. Terry

Thanks for the encouragement! Where I'm from, people don't take kindly to difference. I'm already singled out for my taste in music and my fashion sense. I'm labeled, judged and perceived as a Goth and Satanist. Ignorant assumptions. I'm not prepared to change who I am for acceptance by hypocrites. I do like many things though, so I don't wanna label and limit myself. Still love Goth! ;)

whats stopping you from becoming a goth? the prejudice you get? its not all that bad, i used to have a liberty spiked mohawk, more punky than gothy, but suprisingly the majority of people liked to touch it and take interest rather than go ''wtf are you man?!'' lol