Fingerprints Of The Gods Is One Of My Favorite Books

The evidence that he uncovers is definitely worth considering. I'm not sure what I believe, but he does ask important questions which mainstream archeology seems to simply ignore or dismiss.

Has anyone else read his books or have a theory?

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His theories/proposals almost make more sense than the accepted "histories" set in stone by scholars in the "Ivory towers". I try to stay a healthy skeptic, but this man has done his (exhaustive) research, and I confess that I believe he is on to something, overall, about the myopic history of the human race. I subscribe to his point that we are indeed a "specied with amnesia". Well put, Mr. Graham.

...... He said a few days a ago that there is now more evidence to supprt the theory and is currently writing a prequel. Yay!!

Ive read finger prints of the Gods, Supernatural and his novel entangled.

I think they are brilliant books, especailly the non fiction, such a brave man taking on the academic field like he has done. He brought so much of the ancient world alive to me, i used to think there was nothing to it, now i know that its so rich in mystery and my world view of the past has completely changed. To me there must of been an older world like Atlantis, where they had a greater understanding of the workings of the universe. The evidence is all there just a shame that the academics seem to think they have it right, i heard in an interview recently that he's thinking of writing finger prints of the Gods 2, now he has said it will happen.

Although some would call such theories psuedoscience/history, I think they offer a much more relevent conclusion to the discoveries that have been made and to those that have simply been covered up because they do not fit the current agenda. Supernatural is my favourite for sure. It recognises the use of psychedelics in our history for heightening concoiusness and ultimately being one with the spirits of the planet. Such spirituallity with the Earth is shunned in todays capitalist society, if not forgotten.

I have read all his books and Underworld inspired me to travel to and dove Yonaguni Island<br />
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Fingerprints is probably my favorite of his books, his resea5rch is impeccable and ideas astounding.