Swamp Family, Unite!

I first encountered Bunny, better known as grav3yardgirl, via youtube paranormal videos. She was so open about her interest in the paranormal and was really fun to watch. As time passed, Bunny started making vlogs and fashion videos as well, and overall seemed to become a more happy individual. She is super hilarious and has me saying YAYUS all the time now! She is inspiring and creative, and I am happy to have her on my list of obsessions.
saywuh94 saywuh94
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

I discovered Bunny the same way as saywuh94!
It takes a very funny person/situation to make me "gut laugh" and this girl does it...a lot!!
I'm an older "fan" of grav3yard girl...its not a creepy thing for me to enjoy humor regardless how old Bunny is or I am..I appreciate her on so many levels!