The Earth Doesn't Accept

A man died and his relatives started to get burial arranged. After the prayers, they lowered the casket and covered it with sand..but suddenly, the casket was pushed out like a rocket from the grave hole.The casket got broken, they then tied a rope and dug another grave..nope the earth ejected the second time.
This went on till, they got tired and settled to leave the casket on the surface only.
Suddenly, the earth sucked the whole casket like a gulp..and then..people went to see ..the grave..nothing..dug at that bodies ..just a mound of black sleazy insects..with a sting..hurriedly they left the graveyard..At night..passer by can hear screams of the he is eaten by those insects..night after night after night...rot in hell..or scream in one can are dead and gone ..pain is on..and on...doomed..
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Dec 10, 2012