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Jaw Dropping Scene

Jaws directed by Steven Spielberg has many scary moments and one of my favourites is this: Richard Drefuss, playing a shark specialist, goes under water to examine a shark-damaged boat. There is a hole at the bottom and he examines a shark tooth stuck there and suddenly a partially decomposed head comes out, scaring not only Drefuss but the audience the world over. I am sure this is one of the scariest moments in films.
I also love the drinking scene towards the end of the film between Drefuss, Robert Shaw and Roy Scheider just before attacks. As well as the last scene where Drefuss and Scheider swim away from the camera.
hardballz hardballz 31-35, M 3 Responses Mar 7, 2012

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"You're gonna need a bigger boat."

Hahahah... I remember this scene so clearly! It was one of the freakiest scenes. This movie was so scary for its time!

Sure. a boy sitting next to me jumped during that scene. !

My cousins and I were completely done in by that movie...

I love this movie , old school and wonderful . I agree with romantic I have never been able to get into the ocean without keeping an eye out for anything even slightly resembling a fin swimming towards me !