Deeply Moving

My favortie Movie is one that is not well known; it is "Monsignor Quixote".  If you are familiar with "Man of La Mancha" you might enjoy this movie.  It is a bout an elderly priest who is a descendant of Don Quxote and has a close friend named Sancho.  They travel together and share some interesting experiences and have interesting conversations.  (Sancho is a Communist, Quxote a Catholic priest -- the two usually mix like oil and water).  Father Quixote dies at the end of the movie (basically as a result of a car accident) and the closing scene with Sancho is very moving.  I've seen this movie many, many times (I can quote a major portion of it) and yet I still get misty-eyed during this ending. 
ed8101 ed8101
56-60, M
Apr 9, 2012