So Many Good Ones

Some of my very favorites: True Romance - When Patricia Arquette gets the crap beaten out of her by the hit man played by James Gandolfini, then turns the tables by stabbing him with a cork screw and wacking him over the head with the removable top on the toilet. Violent and gruesome as it is, the acting was amazing, and you end up cheering for Patricia.

the Color Purple - When Nettie and Cielie are reunited after a lifetime of separation. Cielie brings Nettie's children back to meet her and everyone hugs and cries, and so do I.

Brazil - The scene where Robert DeNiro's character is "attacked by paper". All these random, wind blown news papers start attaching themselves to his arms and legs. He tries to tear them off, but he can't. Soon, he's consumed by them. By the time Jonathan Price shows up and rips the papers away in an attempt to save his friend, DeNiro is gone. Sooooo creepy and innovative!
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One of my favorite is in Blade Runner at the end. Where Harrison Ford is hanging over the edge of a building and the clone that was going to kill him saves him. And gives his speech about life and death. With my favorite line "a tear getting lost in a rain shower " (forgot exact words). Then the clone dies and the dove in his hand flies away.
Awesome movie about clones and there right to live.

I know! Rutger Hower plays the clone. That is one of the best scenes ever! "like a tear, lost in the rain". I just saw Blade Runner again in NYC at a theater showing. It was awesome

"Like a tear lost in the rain" what a line! Ty rented it a couple months ago on blue ray.