Heres A Ramdom Story.

If you guys don't know me, I'm in the military. So my sorry takes place well I was deployed.

So for the longest time I been studing greek mythology. I got to the point where I really was think that the gods and goddesses really were out there watching down on us.
So few months go by were I didn't see no combat or anything like that. So at night I would ask the Gods to send something my way to make my tour pretty inventfull. Well both happen still.
Well finally I was on a mission bored as heck, pretty much called out Athena. And as soon as I did I got that action that I wanted, nothing to much and not going to details.

But makes you wonder if they really area out there.
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so many gods of war and their different applications to war and fighting

Luck but I guess your smart calling on Athena instead of ares but then why isn't the sky cut into piesec right