Boulevard of the Broken Dream ~

That's My Favorite !

I love Green Day ;)

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i only like their fast songs, but that songs fine

Of course, I'm not surprised .. everyone has different taste for everything :-)

I don't dislike that song, but it's my least favorite. I like stuart and the ave, brat, who wrote holden caulfield.. basically any of their older stuff

Thks ! Hobo ~<br />
U r kewl ;)<br />
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Live performance of Boulevard of Broken Dreams

yep ! they are good ;)

there still good to .

Boulevard of the broken dream is not just greenday's great lyric but it's very artistic one of them ! ;)

I like that too , boulevard of broken dreams ,, ours broken lives can fixed .... lol ,,(I like the song yes ..) ;o)

The first album is my favourite, I think it always will be.

I will, thks ;)