Hidden Secrets Of Greg Sanders Love Intro

this is a fake story i hope u people like it

Makella Koller
Age 24
bday is september 5 1985
info u and greg been best friends forever and well both in love with each other but both dont know ur in love with each other and well he moved when he was 13 and both havent seen each other n 11 years boh miss each othr and well both have nicknames for each other urs for him is greggle and his for u is butterfingers cuz ur clumsy and well u both made a pact when he left u would meet up in vegas and well become csi's and u both were born on smae day at same time and in same hospital and well in the same room because there moms are best friends

Greg Sanders
info is just like kaylas
GregSandersEricSzmandaLover GregSandersEricSzmandaLover
13-15, F
Aug 12, 2010