Hidden Secrets Of Greg Sanders Love Part 1

I'm Makella I just moved to vegas to get a job as a csi as i promised my best friend greg sanders when we were both 13.He moved away when we were 13 and i have missed him ever since but me and him both promised each other that we would soon one day meet up in vegas and become csi's i mean i have been looking for him fo 11 years now since i am 24 and so is he greg and I were both born on the same day at the same time and in the same hospital and in th same room and well me and greg have been inseperable ever since.Except for that horrible day that i didnt ever want to happen well i got a call one day that i got a job in vegas so here i am going to the LVCl and hopefully seeing greg or at least getting a job well i was getting closer to the lab and i opened the doors and looked around seeing people working.I asked around abot 20 times trying to find Gil Grissoms office finally i found it and well i went in sat done and began my interview i walked out as a csi and well he showed me my locker gave me my gun and badge took dna and fingerprints fom me and blood even thouh i hate needles and well he went to show me where my colleages where and they introduced me  first i met Catherine Willows
Cw:welcome to the team makella
Mk:thank u
then i met nick and warrick and sara
Nick:welcome makella
warrick:welcome makella
then there was one person left..........
Do u know who?????

GregSandersEricSzmandaLover GregSandersEricSzmandaLover
13-15, F
Aug 12, 2010