Hidden Secrets Of Greg Sanders Love Part 2

.......It was a guy named greg sanders he was maybe in his early 20's pretty small kinda muscular build he had brown spiky hair with blond highlight but it as natural.When i saw him i was hoping that he was my best friend from since we were born i have always missed him so he said welcome makella but he probably couldnt tell it was me cuz he never really called me makella when we were kids he would always call me butterfingers and i would always call him greggles so i went up and sat beside him but when we were kids we loved marilyn manson but i still do im not sure if my best friend still does but i was fixing to talk to them i when my ringtone started playing Marilyn Manson-Saint that means i had a call so i said excuse me while i take this.I saw that it was my boyfriend (sorry i forgot to mention she has a boyfriend this is not part of the story in the parenthesis) well i answered it his name was James Anderson and he was 25 years old we have been going out for 3 years now and we are totally in love so i answered the phone.
Phone Convo:J=James M=Makella
M=Hi baby
J=hi babes so i have a question
M=yea what is it
J=can u come by my house tonight
M=yea sure baby what time
J=yea ok be over here by 8pm but you can come a little bit early if u want
M=ok i will so by 8pm ok
J=I love you makella
M=love u too bye
then i hung up
Gregs Pov:
i heard my favorite band and song go off from since i was a kid it was the new girl makella's phone well i was wondering could she be the girl i have been in love with for like forever i mean i havent seen butterfingers since we were 13 i hope it was her because it sure looked like her well she said excuse me while i take this as i watched her go past the see through glass doors where i could still see her she answered it saying hi baby i think she has a boyfriend that made me have so much rage inside and some happy cuz all the guys my friend butterfingers dated in school never liked her they just cheated but if i found my bestfriend i would never do that to her if we ended up dating.I heard her talking to her bf and well she said what time and she said yea by 8pm ok she then said i love u too bye then she hung up and came back in here i was determined to find out if it was her my best friend from 11 years ago.
Makella's Pov:
i came back from off the phone with my boyfriend but well i wasnt worried about that i was going to go over there around 7:30 pm so we could do different stuff or could talk or something depending on what he wanted well i went over and sat beside greg and said Greggles all excitedly he said.......
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Aug 12, 2010