Dress In School Uniform

I have from the age of  30 had this urge to dress in short grey trousers and long knee socks.  I find that they are more comfortable and give you freedom around the legs.  I dress this way as much as possible even when going to town (minus the kneesocks) but wear grey ankle socks and nobody including my friends have ever noticed, and I don't think it would worry me even if they did.    How many of you out there dress this way, because i don't believe I am the only one.
shortstillseventeen shortstillseventeen
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If I wear uniform without knee socks, i have no comments, if I wear, i have. But, if I don`t wear knee socks, it`s not school uniform.

When I first started wearing school shorts I feared what commrnts I might get but soon found out no one takes any notice of what you are wearing. So have never had any comments.

Wearing short trousers is defiately more comfotable. I wear them quite often, Summer or Winter. In the Winter I do wear long grey turn over top knee high socks

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I too go out and about in smart grey school shorts but always with grey turnover socks. I have only once ever had any comment, this was because the coloured bands on the socks were recognised! I also often wear my uniform but do not go as far as a cap! I wear the shorts and socks simply because I find them more comfortable.

Like you, shortstillseventeen, I wear grey school shorts (they have to be fully lined) nearly all the time. As you say, people only notice if you wear knee socks with them - I've done that too! Like schooldood, I have been out in full school uniform - but not near where I live.

I wear school uniform all the time and go every where in it. My uniform includes short trousers,blazer cap, tie,long socks.