Shorts After School

I came home after school closed the front door behind me " is that you honey" called my mum " yes mum" i replied " come into the front room" i did and saw mum sitting with a man be side her" honey come over here and stand in front of me and your step dad" "?" " my step dad since when" " me and your dad got married this afternoon when you where in school say hellow" i looked at him" hi step dad" " philip its dad not step dad ok"" yes dad".

"Philip your mum and i have been talking, you wear shorts to school which by the way i like and you be wearing shorts after school from now on all year long" "i do wear shorts after school dad" " yes but you be wearing them all year round philip good ones 1950s shorts with a good short back and sides hair cut you will do as your are told philip" " but" " philip your dad and i know whats best for you we did not tell you this but you be starting your new school on monday and thats that" mum left the front room dad came over to me and spanked me" what was that for dad" " telling you i am in control of you and your new life, you ask me befor you do anything under stand philip you be kept in shorts" what the hell is going on
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