Made To Wear Grey School Shorts At Sixteen

I graduated from shorts to longs (in the mid 1950s) at the end of third year at grammar school - about six or seven weeks before my fifteenth birthday.

During the last term of my fourth year I was stupid enough to steal some items for my model railway from a local shop. My father was suspicious and, after trying to lie my way out of it, forced me to confess I had stolen them. He punished me for this in the traditional way (!) and then made me go to the shop with him on the Saturday afternoon. It was quite busy, but he made me hand over the items in front of everybody. The shopkeeper examined them and, as they were in undamaged condition, he agreed to take them back. My father asked him if he wished to take the matter further and he said he would leave the matter of my punishment in my father's hands

We returned home and, not unexpectedly, I was given another lecture, followed by the inevitable punishment. I thought that was the end of it, but during the school Summer holiday I was taken for the new clothes for my next year at school. To my horror, my mother told the assistant she wanted grey flannel shorts and knee socks for me. I protested, but to no avail. The items were brought to the counter and I was told by my mother to go and try them on in the fitting room. When I came out, she said how smart I looked and, when I went to get changed, she told me I must keep the clothes on as I had to get used to wearing them in public.

I returned to school, in shorts and knee socks, the day before my sixteenth birthday and, needless to say, was the object of derision from my peers. However, this stopped after a few weeks and I got to like wearing my new clothes. Certainly the shorts with their white cotton lining were a lot more comfortable than my scratchy long trousers. After the Autumn term, I returned to wearing long trousers, but had to change into my shorts when I got home from school and wear them all the time at weekends and in the holidays. I was quite happy to do this and, many years later, was delighted to discover that grey school shorts with white cotton linings were available in adult sizes. I now have a collection of uniforms, which I am quite happy to wear all the time at home. I also derive much pleasure from wearing schoolboy clothes in public - well away from home!

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I too was frequently caned and strapped at home always on my bare bum and yes wore grey flannel lined shorts till I left school at 15, even then had to 'wear out' as mum would put it my old shorts, This being after the war and parents had the 'make do and mend' policy. I was caned at school plenty too and even in my last week at school. Always followed with another good hiding at home when parents learn of it. Plenty of c.p in my day and although I had if severely no worse than many of my friends...Shame it isn't like that now .

I too remember the 'make do and mend' policy. Several pairs of my shorts finished up with a large patch on the seat and when I went on to the grammar school, my blazers always finished up with leather on the elbows and cuffs. They were bought early in September and were supposed to last the year, but by about Easter were getting really frayed. I still have blazers like that and patched shorts and get a thrill out of wearing them.

He gave me six strokes of the cane he had recently acquired - on my bare bottom. With that, plus the other parts of the punishment as in the narrative, I made up my mind never to steal anything again.

At nearly 15 you knew stealing was wrong so you got what was coming too you...I once spent the change on ice cream after an errand to the shops for Mum...that evening after dinner Dad spanked me with the brush for taking what had not belonged to me without permission...I was 13

The searing burning sting of the brush taught me the price of my dishonesty

Not that it makes much difference, but I was actually almost 16 when I stole the items for model railway. I absolutely agree, however, that I knew it was wrong to steal and should have known better. I don't think I was by any means dealt with over severely. And I already had a great interest in wearing school short trousers. Had it not been for the ragging, I would have enjoyed wearing them for school. Fortunately, the ragging only lasted a few weeks. I wore shorts to school for the rest of that term and had to wear them all the time out of school until I left at nearly 18.

Thank you for your reply and I bet after the cane you were regretting your actions

The reply was my pleasure - unlike the caning! And yes, I was regretting my actions. Corporal punishment certainly worked for me.

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What was your Dad's "traditional way"

I wore school shorts in a Scottish boarding school until fifth form. It was quite normal and I loved it once I'd got used to it all.
Am as happy today in my grey terelene worsteds too.

I'm happy in my grey school shorts too. Wearing a pair now, as a matter of fact, as part of my adult schoolboy uniform.

Absolutely, sir. Indeed, we were still boys at 18 and should therefore have continued to wear shorts all the time until then - certainly until leaving school.

my father looked after my punishments at home from when I was about five years old. While I was at primary school, he either used a slipper or took off his belt. After I went to grammar school he purchased a cane and would usually give me a dozen strokes. If the offence were particularly serious, like the stealing in my account, the punishment was given on my bare bottom.

I would have loved to experience what you have! Great story!


I find it amazing that you were still being caned up to the age of 23. You must have been a very naughty lad!! I can picture the scene of you standing in the hall in your vest and underpants awaiting the cane. I think this is one of the reasons why we have so many problems with young guys today. If only they were subject to corporal punishment it would sort out a lot of problems. There are quite a few young lads I know who I am sure would benefit from 6 of the best.<br />

No I was regularly caned by my Dad until 19 and even after that I was still occasionally dealt with till I was 23. Also last caned at 18 at school as an Upper Sixth boy. At home for a dad caning I would have to ***** to vest and underpants and wait in the hall facing the wall. Until I was 13/14 these underpants were trunks and after that full waisted y front white briefs. Eventually called into lounge where there was normally an audience. Had to take my underpants right off and bend over the arm of the settee or armchair for between 6 and 12 whacks. For sure it was humiliating and painful but like you I now wish irt still happened<br />

That's amazing, Stephen. I thought I must have been the only schoolboy who was caned until he was 18. My father used to cane me and my brothers regularly, usually on our underpants, which were aertex trunks. He would send us into his special room where we had to ***** to our vest and trunks and wait for him to arrive, cane in hand. It was veryhumiliating, although nowadays I often fantasise about it.<br />

Thanks for answering my questions Nigel. My father used slipper and tawse on me throughout my schooldays and like you for serious stuff he had a cane which was always administered on my bare bottom.<br />
I wore shorts for school until just before my 15th birthday, but like you always had to wear shorts at home. This was after school every weekend and all through the holidays. This, along with cp, continued right throughout my schooldays until I left at almost 19<br />

My mother did not punish me much, preferring to leave this to my father. He would either use a slipper or take off his belt. In later years he acquired a cane, which I felt quite often. If the matter was serious, for example the stealing mentioned in my account, it was given on the bare. I did not always wear underpants, but when I did they were of the trunk style. I was much happier with briefs, when they became available.

My parents insisted I wear shorts until I was in the 6th form. I was mortified and embarrassed - especially when I had to be caned by the headmaster. As I grew older and bigger there were times when the shorts were very short indeed, and my aertex trunks would show. I would spend the whole day trying to tuck them back into my shorts. It was very humiliating

Hi Nigel, it would be great if you could answer my questions posed. If you are unhappy doing it in public, then please email me

What a great story. Did your parents use cp on you much. How was it done. Did they take your shorts down? And what did you wear under your shorts? Trunks or briefs? I wore trunks which were woollen in the first year of grammar school under flannel shorts (1960). The following year I got terylene shorts for the first time and cotton underpants. the first time I was caned at school in these new clothes, I realised how much more it hurt than the previos year with my much thicker shorts and knickers