Gracefull Greyhounds

I have owned several greyhounds and greyhound crosses (lurchers) in my life. They are greatly miss understood. they are not generally cat killers  although of course like all dogs , they will chase if one runs by. unlike most dogs though , they have the speed ability to catch them occasionally.

they dont need much excercise, being happy to laze around all day on your favourite setee.

But when they run, my goodness, there is no sight like it in the world. They are such beautiful creatures. If God had a dog it would be a greyhound.

cornishchick cornishchick
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2007

Thousands of greyhounds are destroyed every year as they become surplus to requirements. It still goes on. Only one in seven puppies ever makes it to the tracks. the rest of them are culled many get injured during trails most never see their third birthday. The configuration of the tracks is a killer. To add insult to injury they do not get the best food or accomedation whilst racing. They are kept in cramped cages on shelves on top of each other. those cages are hardly large enough for the greyhounds to stand up at full height much less turn around. They are most often muzzeled to prevent them from biting the bars of their prison. It is a disgrace the way they are treated to spend more than twenty hours pr day in those conditions is torture. No contact to other beings no socialisation the only break they get is when they are turned out and fed or when they are raced. This is not what I call a life it is cruel confinement and it should be stopped.I am the fortunate owner of three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet and they live the good life how can I give them any less knowing what at least two of them have been through? they are my lads and I love them with all my heart and soul.

I have no had the honor but they are beautiful. I love the fact that there are rescue program for them the one from racing used to be when they were done racing they would be destroyed not always but alot. They are beautiful.