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Tomato soup and grilled cheese, you can't have one without the other. But IMHO, it's the best comfort food there is. If I'm feeling down, this is usually where I go.

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11 Responses Mar 17, 2009

TH child - Really needed you for that; I had the bestest grilled ham and cheese yesterday.. nothing but stupid Campbells Chicken and Noodle to compliment it.. BUMMER.<br />
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~ oooh Lacey - YUMMY ~

Not that I ever met. I've even met lactose intolerant people who still eat tomato soup and grilled cheese even though the cheese doesn't sit to well with them. :)

DrewBerry, I'll make you some anytime you want!


You guys are too much! I ended up making us Tomato Soup and BLT's for dinner! My son said "Mommy just give me the tomato soup and the bacon yeah". Now I want to go to sleep...

That is one of the best meals EVER!!! It is an ultimate comfort food. MMMMMM feeling hungry now...

Throw a little bacon on before grilling.. yum yum..<br />
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~ stomach growling ~

oooh.. parmesan cheese - another favorite flavor of mine.. i never thought of marrying the two..<BR><BR>

I agree 100%! I like to add a little fresh parmesan cheese and ground pepper to my tomato soup.

DrewBerry-Dunking is a must! :)

Couldn't agree more. Don't you just love dunking the sandwich in the soup? Nothing better on a cold winters' morn... ahh.. the ultimate comfort food!