My First Impressions

I’ll admit, I didn’t noticed the deviously handsome Gríma Wormtongue when I first watched the Lord of the Rings ages ago. After re-watching the trilogy, I found myself moved by him. There was something about the way he looked, something about the way he spoke. He was unmistakably different, and I have always been in love with different.

I suppose it was initially his appearance that struck my interest. He did have unnaturally pale skin that was sickly in comparison to the other characters. His hair was inky, both in color and texture. His sunken eyes were always so intense, regardless of what they were on. His movements, slow and deliberate. Although, it did seem that he hunched in on himself with fear or pain (or maybe he had an ulcer). I actually missed his lack of eyebrows until a teacher of mine had pointed it out. It was weird, certainly, but it didn’t avert my attraction.

I re-winded the movie to get a second glance and try to figure out what was so entrancing about his grotesque look, and finally I heard him. His voice was both frightening and cruel, as if he meant for his every word to poison whomever was listening. It was spine-chilling and caused me to choke on my spit. Ultimately, I memorized his lines, and now proceed to mimic him whenever The Two Towers plays.

I did feel a bit embarrassed by this liking; I even vaguely grew ashamed of it, especially after I admitted it to my dear friend, Stephanie, in exchange for her own odd crushes. (She ridiculed me, but I had done the same to her, so it was well-deserved.) From then, my shame declined further and further with each person I told. I actually began to revel in the disbelief and the disgust and the various reactions I received. I developed a sort of pride for loving Gríma. Perhaps because very few actually do?
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

This is beautiful. I think I am in love with Wormtongue now....


No :P