Plant Light Advice Needed :)

Hi all,

I love gardening and am great with outdoor plants and flowers, but tend to unintentionally murder indoor plants slowly. I am looking for advice from anyone who can help with my new bonsai.

I recently bought a 16' bonsai (ficus microcarpa/fig plant) and I really love it. I am concerned it won't be getting enough light and would like to purchase a grow light so it gets a bit extra "sun". Right now, it is in the corner of my living room getting the tail end of light from a nearby window, and it is next to a standard room lamp.

I would like to have a light that I can either mount above the plant, or put inside a nearby lamp. If possible, I'd like an LED so it doesn't get too hot. I have looked at "plant lights" but I am not at all sure what to buy. Does anyone have any suggestions or perhaps links to sites that are good/accurate sources of information?

Any tips as a starting point would be great. Thanks!

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Awwww, Bonsai trees hold a special place in my heart. I carried a lil one down the isle with me instead of a bouquet of flowers and it's our official lil anniversary tree now!!
This is a good site for info!! Ours has been thriving for over 11 years now. We use a little full spectrum light on it during the winter and when we go thru rainy spells.

I can get more sites from hubs if you want. This is the only one I have on my computer that we both like.

Thanks Sie! I completely forgot that you carried a lil bonsai.. that is the BEST idea! I will check out full spectrum lights and the site you gave, thanks! If your hubs knows of any other good ones to read, let me know when you get a chance. I will keep my plant alive via these tips ;-)Thanks so much!

I have found over watering is often an issue, you can purchase a water meter at a gardening center, well worth the purchase. On the lighting I would think the bulb you get would be to achieve a natural effect. my two cents :)

Thanks Chica! I will watch my watering... that's a helpful tip because I DO tend to over water. I never thought of a water meter, I will pick one up. Natural light... got it. Thank you very much!

Oh I love bonsai trees they're awesome. I have one and I've learnt with mine that the trick is to water it in a particular way......don't laugh....... it didn't like being watered from the top. It liked to suck the water up out of the tray it sits in. I'm really interested to know about the light though cos mine sits on a north facing window and doesn't get loads of light. It seems happy enough's just finished flowering :)

I love them too! I think they add such a pretty touch wherever people place them. That's a good tip about I just looked over at mine and it is in a large container with no holes, so I water as usual (apparently every two weeks). I am glad to hear yours is doing well in the north facing window! Do you know what kind it is? If it is flowering, it's pretty happy so good job my dear!

I didn't see your reply here (EP's playing up a little on my pc) I can't remember what type mine is but I kept the details somewhere......I'm going to try and find it. Failing that I'll take a piccy and mail it you. Mine is only teensy though, about 6" high :)