That Face..

Tardar Sauce, the world's grumpiest moggy, has unleashed a new meme frenzy online. The sourpuss became an instant hit on social media sites after a photo of her grouchy mug was uploaded to Facebook and Reddit.

According to the Daily Mail, Tardar Sauce (or Tard) became a hit online within 48 hrs after the brother of Tabatha Bundesen of Morristown, Ariz.(owner of Tardar Sauce), uploaded her picture to Facebook and Reddit.

According to, Tard's perpetual scowl was upvoted 25,300 times on Reddit and pictures viewed more than 1 million times on Imgur within the first 48 hours.

Redditors began creating Photoshopped versions of Tard immediately, and meme versions with captions such as "‘I had fun once. It was awful," and "Just put me down." (See photos below.)


Tardar's owner, Tabatha, says it would be mistake to interpret Tardar's facial features in entirely anthropomorphic terms. She says Tardar is not entirely grumpy. According to Fox News, and, Tabatha says Tardar "has what looks kind of like an under bite. She looked unique, as did her brother, at birth, with a flat face, bubble eyes, and a short tail." She admits, however, that her "under bite" could not explain entirely her grumpy appearance. Australia's reports Tabatha said: "Tardar is not as coordinated as a normal cat, so she is likely a little angry about that. I think she likes to be held and petted some times, but being the pet of a 10 year old could make anyone grumpy.”

What The Huffington Post describes as "Tard's eternal unhappiness" has been exhaustively documented online. The photos below are a few examples:



Tard the Grumpy Cat

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me too..I think its a girl though?

I loves him so much.