Spike And Meeko!

i had 2 guinea pigs meeko and spike i bought from pet shop id let them run around my room they'd follow each other and loved baths after 6 months of having them thy died i was soooo upset! Meeko loved being wrapped in a blanket on my knee nibbling apples watching tv with me, spike loved the bean bag so did meeko. I miss them soooo much! But im glad they are in heaven playing with other guinea pigs and having a blast.
missXbonzo missXbonzo
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

I'm so sorry.....My last guinea pigs I had when I was 9 (I'm 13 now), Jasmine and Harper, ran away outside when I was out of town and my cousin was guinea-sitting. :(

yes it is sad....

My g/kids had two when they were toddlers, and they were cute little furry things running around the lounge room in their little pen. It was a sad day when they went to the rainbow bridge.