Not One Is The Same..

When one of my piggies passed away, I heard someone saying: "Why don't you take a new one?" But it's not that simple. Every other guinea pig has its own character. At this moment I have eleven guinea pigs. I love them all, and yes, every one has a diffirent personality. Deandy is a big daddy. He's acting tough, but is very kind. Linux is very dominant, although he is just two and a half month old. Apple is very energetic. Incognito is a divagirl. And Mazzeltov is extremely shy towards other piggies, but towards persons she is kind. As you can see it varies a lot. You have stupid and smart piggies. Happy and sad ones. Energetic and lazy ones. Mean and unkind ones. And tons of diffirent characters. And that's why I enjoy guinea pigs the most. Because they are so small and still all have diffirent personalities.
Niino Niino
13-15, F
1 Response Feb 2, 2012

Lucky you to have so many of the little darlings! Yes, they all have their own dear little personalites,