Not One Is The Same..

When one of my piggies passed away, I heard someone saying: "Why don't you take a new one?" But it's not that simple. Every other guinea pig has its own character. At this moment I have eleven guinea pigs. I love them all, and yes, every one has a diffirent personality. Deandy is a big daddy. He's acting tough, but is very kind. Linux is very dominant, although he is just two and a half month old. Apple is very energetic. Incognito is a divagirl. And Mazzeltov is extremely shy towards other piggies, but towards persons she is kind. As you can see it varies a lot. You have stupid and smart piggies. Happy and sad ones. Energetic and lazy ones. Mean and unkind ones. And tons of diffirent characters. And that's why I enjoy guinea pigs the most. Because they are so small and still all have diffirent personalities.
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2 Responses Feb 2, 2012

gah! i hate thinking about this...but i can't help it :( i only have 2, so i'm REALLY worried - 1 of my little dumplings will be all alone :( & i don't wanna get another one as soon as i loose one - i'll feel like i'm replacing them!<br />
what do you think is the best thing to do?

give yourself time to even see if you want another one, but if one were to pass away take care of the one left behind. guinea pigs tend to get depressed when alone since they are social animals, its just a matter of time and you feeling ready to invite another baby to your life. sometimes it happens sooner than we think, other times the process takes alot longer

it's been a while since i posted that reply. the thing is, these are the only guinea pigs i'll ever have - i began to realise just how much of a problem i have with keeping animals in cages. &amp; i can assure you they are probably 2 of the most spoilt guinea pigs ever, but i can't always be there to snuggle them - i'm out most of the day at uni. they have a rather large enclosure on the grass that i put them in when it's not too hot (i live in australia, so that's pretty much every day in summer), but i still feel bad for the poor little mites. i love them to bits :(

i just got myself a new baby too and ive had her for about a year now and im in third year university too so im not home most of the day and i only have one. luckily shes very independent and likes being alone most of the time but i still feel bad for her too! i just make sure i feed her lots of food before i leave and as soon as i come home i spend as much time with her as possible :) im glad your little piggies are spoilt! Aubree is forced indoors now since i live in canada and winter is coming but i always let her run around the entire kitchen, she acts as if she owns it :p

Lucky you to have so many of the little darlings! Yes, they all have their own dear little personalites,